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Nadia was the perfect guide. She asked questions in advance of our visit to Athens so she could hone the day and make it extra relevant to me and my two teenagers. My children said it was the best day of our visit to Athens. It was our first full day and the Nadia's knowledge spilled over into the other two days of the visit. Super knowledgeable. Kept my teens engaged and by the end of the day we were all a bit tired but filled with knowledge and an appreciation of the ancient Athens world. Couldn't recommend this highly enough for others.Thank you Nadia from the three Barbers.

James Barber, London, U.K.

Nadia is the perfect guide.  Her tour was the best educational experience we had during our entire vacation in Greece.  We learned so much more than we would have been able to on our own or as part of bigger tour.  Nadia is knowledgeable, cordial, and excited about Greek history, literature, mythology, archaeology, etc.  Do yourself a favor and book this tour.  You will end up saving time and money all while learning a ton and having a great time.  Thanks Nadia!!

Shanon Schneider, Tribune, Kansas, U.S.A.


Our tours with Nadia were the absolute highlight of our recent trip to Greece!  She expertly guided us through the National Archaeological Museum, The Acropolis, The Acropolis Museum, Delphi (she arranged an excellent private driver, Stamos of Opa Tours, for us) and its Museum, and the Ancient Agora all before embarking on our cruise. Nadia's English was perfect and her breadth of knowledge was impressive.  She not only made everything extremely interesting, but her enthusiasm for Greek history was contagious! None of our past tours anywhere in the world have compared with Nadia's.  And I do not exaggerate! You will enhance your travel experience exponentially when you tour with Nadia!!  We cannot recommend her any more highly!


Cindy and Joe Baehl, Kingwood, Texas, U.S.A.


 I highly recommend Nadia as a tour guide for the Acropolis.  The setup of our tour was easy, well-organised and showed that Nadia would be a great guide because she suggested a time of day that would maximise our experience (which turned out to be right).  Nadia tailored the tour for us and shared her vast knowledge of the history, culture and events.  Her English is perfect; she was interesting to listen to and entertaining and engaging in the way she presented.  Nadia’s passion for Athens, the Acropolis and Greece shone through.  The tour with Nadia was the highlight of our time in Greece.

Elizabeth Jeffs, Auckland, New Zealand

My wife and I had a wonderful, 4-hour walking tour of the various parts of Athens.  We totally enjoyed our time with her; she is so personable and knowledgeable about the history, culture, current events, etc.  We heartily suggest you spend time with her whenever you can!  Nadia is a "dream" guide!

Eric Herzog, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.



We started our Greece holidays with a visit to Athens, to show our children of 13, 15 and 17 years old, the basis of our democracy and culture. We asked Nadia to guide us on the Acropolis. She did a terrific job and kept the interest of our teenagers throughout the whole tour. Her English is perfect and her knowledge great, and she was able to tell a profound but still very attractive (his)story. Thank you Nadia! We will highly recommend you in the Netherlands. Best regards, Marcel, Hanke, Jippe, Pleun and Pelle


Hanke de Kock, Amsterdam, noord Holland, Netherlands

I would like to comment Nadia as one of the very best guides I have ever worked with. My group of 35 teenagers were guided up the Acropolis in Athens and no sooner had we started or the unexpected June rain came pouring down on us. Even this downpour could not dampen Nadia's enthusiasm or the group's interest! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with my group, keeping it on their level of interest   and entertaining them, while at the same time educating them. Your guiding made the history of ancient Greece come alive. I am pretty sure that this experience will become one of those everlasting memories for these teens - as it will be for me and my associates. Thanks for a super experience - even though it was a very wet one!


Estelle Smith, TES Adventure Travel, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Nadia was an amazing tour guide! She was a real pleasure to spend the day with! She personalized our tour to our likes. She explains everything very well and is super knowledgeable. We hired her for our small family and it was well worth having her be our private tour guide! We were able to ask questions about what we wanted and she had the answers! Highly recommend Nadia for your Athens walking tour!


Stefan Jez, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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