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I recently had the privilege of a one-to-one tour of the Acropolis complex in Athens in the company of the wonderful Nadia. What a great experience. 
Nadia combined her extensive and very expert historical knowledge with charm, elegance and friendliness. She was a true professional and able to describe and explain the many aspects of the Acropolis in a way that made it accessible and enjoyable for the non-expert (me!). 
Nadia was also great at accessing the important parts of the Acropolis whilst side-stepping the larger tour groups. In addition Nadia used her expertise to recommend to me the best of the many other museums and sites around Athens. 
If you want a tour guide, Nadia is the best. Thank you (again) Nadia for a brilliant afternoon. 
Jim Baldwin, Nailsea, North Somerset, UK
Our two families from the US thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Acropolis with Nadia. I found her through Matt Barrett's Greek Travel site and she is definitely top in her field. Her knowledge and passion made the tour very interesting. She kept our attention the entire time, even the kids! Nadia is a delightful lady and shared so much with us. We are grateful that she was available for us. She is very personable and helpful with all things about Greece and in Athens. We highly recommend her as a guide.
Stacey Jennings, U.S.A.
Wow, were we ever glad we found Nadia online before our Greek adventure! We spent two days touring with her in Athens in October, 2017 and loved them both. Nadia was great on our jet-lag day, exploring the Plaka district and the Acropolis Museum--telling us just enough in the museum but not so much while we were almost falling asleep! The next day we did her terrific mythology tour of the Acropolis and the surrounding area. Loved it. We found Nadia smart, sweet and charming. She told us great stories--some serious, some playful. Couldn't imagine a better couple of days in Athens. Nadia made it so wonderful and so special. We highly recommend her. 
Arnie and Terrie Robiens, St.  Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

'I traveled to Athens with my fiance, mother, step-father, brother, sister-in-law and 15 month-old nephew. Everyone agreed Nadia's tour of Acropolis was the highlight of the trip, she was so knowledgeable and kind, and was a great story-teller/historian. I would absolutely recommend Nadia to anyone travelling to Athens, it is very refreshing to be led by someone so passionate about what they're showing you. She was also so sweet and patient with my baby nephew, even when he got a bit fussy towards the end. I really appreciated how responsive Nadia was, too, with any questions I had and it was easy to find the meeting spot to begin our tour. We really can't say enough good things about Nadia!!'

Allison Brandon, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

'Wow, is the word when we finished! Nadia is excellent. She makes you feel the past and current Greece in one breath.

We had +30 degrees the day we did the tour of the Acropolis / Museum and I have visited the Acropolis with and without guides a couple of times, thinking I know what we will face. There are tours you want to run away from. Nadia was making it a wonderful joyful journey through time. With her the stones turned into the influence this time has on humanity until now.

Choosing her was pure luck, having been with her felt like meeting a good old friend who is fully dedicated to take care of you, not a tour guide. Thank you Nadia for this wonderful time, for all the insight you shared with us!! You are not only a great professional but also a wonderful person. All the very best for you!'

Gesine Varfis, Moscow/Cologne/Toulouse, Russia/Germany/France

''Nadia is a great, knowledgeable guide. It was a real pleasure to explore ancient Athens with her. Having a little background myself, I was eager to have my questions answered. I did not have to ask them; she answered every single one of them. I love the way she involves all the people (also my 14 year old son). Nadia is very relaxed and flexible. We recommend her warmly! She made our stay in Athens worthwhile and gave it depth.''

Anita Liemburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

''It was two faculty members and twenty college students on a study abroad trip in Greece. Athens … Ancient Corinth … Napflion … Mystras … Ancient Olympia … Delphi … Meteora … Throughout it all, Nadia was our expert guide making it all come alive for us. At every stop, and along the way to each site, Nadia provided the important historical background, archaeological insights, and contemporary relevance that made us travelers rather than mere tourists. Not only was she knowledgeable about Greek history, archaeology, and art history, but also personable and demonstrated amazing patience in answering students' questions (including questions to which she had previously given the answers!). Nadia enriched our travel experience tremendously. Don't travel in Greece without her!''

Timothy Shanahan, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

''We had the pleasure of experiencing Greece for the first time with Nadia in May 2017. We spent four amazing days with Nadia touring Delphi, Athens, Cape Sounion and Argolis. Simply put, Nadia was absolutely the best guide we have ever encountered.The following qualities describe Nadia: extremely knowledgeable in the areas of history, art, architecture and culture Greece; able to convey her knowledge in a meaningful way (a natural teacher); very aware of and attentive to her clients needs at all times; manages to maintain her calm demeanor in the midst of crowds and somehow "effortlessly" guides you around and to the best locations for viewing, etc., very prepared on each tour, including bringing additional materials to view/study while en route to the next site; extremely nice and personable - a pleasure to spend the day with! If you are seeking excellence and wish to learn about and experience Greece on the highest level possible, we absolutely recommend Nadia as a tour guide. She is simply the best! We have wonderful memories of Greece, and Nadia - the best four days spent with a guide in all of our
years of traveling.''

Valerie Steele and Michael Sela, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


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