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Our guide Nadia gave our family great care with her  enthusiastic explanations of not only the artifacts and Greek genius with structure, but more importantly,with engrossing, detailed explanation of the glorious civilization, abundant with mythology, art history, and archeology,with an historical perspective for western civilization. Though the Acropolis is itself awe-inspiring and  should be compulsory for all earnest visitors, her Democracy tour was an absolute stunning insight into western civilization that marked the high point of our classical experience that my family and I will never forget (we still recount and discuss the education that she gave us).This accredited educator will become your "face-of-Athens"- she left an unforgettable impression.

John Stavropoulos, Salina, Kansas, U.S.A.

We completed a walking tour & Acropolis tour with Nadia who was generous, attentive & very knowledgeable. Loved both days despite the intense heat. Having someone to show you, point out interesting facts, discuss mythology & help the surroundings come alive. Highly recommend her service if you are looking for small in depth tours.


Tracey Byrne, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Nadia made our whole Athens experience. She is smart, extremely knowledgeable, informative and fun to be with. We did a 6 hour tour and fit the Acropolis, the Acropolis museum, Plaka and some of modern Athens into our tour. We only had one day in Athens and Nadia really helped us feel like we got a good taste. It is a fascinating city, but Nadia really was wonderful. Thank you Nadia for such a great visit to Athens. I love your city.


Sally Lynch, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Today we had the distinct pleasure and privilege of being guided through the Acropolis Museum and Acropolis by Nadia Pavlikaki. Nadia demonstrated and displayed a passion for history, archaeology and the people of Greece and this was evident through the lessons in history that she shared with us. Nadia provided us with a small private group tour which was informative, rich is history and painted the perfect canvas for what was the history of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece and its people. This tour was truly one of the best tours we’ve ever taken. Nadia was warm, friendly, engaging and a wealth of knowledge. This Acropolis Museum and Acropolis tour has certainly exceeded all expectations and we highly recommended Nadia if you’re in Athens looking to tour. Warmest regards, 


Giselle, Mark, Christiaan & Tony Ermer - Sydney, Australia, 25 May 2019


We recently had the opportunity to do an Acropolis tour with Nadia.  We made arrangements long distance for a private tour, but when Nadia had the opportunity to add three more guests she was kind enough to ask if the additional guests would be ok with us.  She was very considerate and we did enjoy the 3 extra tour guests who ended up living only a two hour drive from our home.  Anyway, we had a rather cold and windy day, but Nadia's sunny disposition made the tour a happy experience for all.  Our tour was in the afternoon, and Nadia was still right on time and ready to go, even though she had done a tour for school children that same morning.  A wonderful guide and you can be certain that she will treat you right.  Very kind and considerate!  Bob & David


Robert Greer / David Viney, Desert Hot Springs, California, USA

My wife and I recently took a six hour tour of Athens' main sites with Nadia and all I can say is that we were blown away by how great she was. That is a long tour for someone to have to guide people through but she was energetic throughout and so knowledgable about everything from mythology to history to architecture. She really is an amazing tour guide and really a great person, as well, that you will be more than happy to spend time with I’m sure. She was really very reasonably priced as well in my opinion. If you are spending your time and money to get to Athens, a good guide is really worth every penny to get the most out of your short time there. When we return we will definitely be in touch again to do another tour with her, as there are many areas of Athens to explore.


Mike Wihby, Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S.A

My husband and I spent two consecutive mornings on private tours with Nadia. What can I say? She was perfect in every way. She got us oriented to the older part of Athens, took us to the central market and reminded us of all the Greek history and mythology we'd forgotten from high school. Nadia's English is excellent -and I suspect her other languages as well. She is flexible and accommodating. We highly recommend her.

Lisa Sinicki, Decatur, Georgia, U.S.A.


We came to Athens on a study tour as four professional Tour Guides from Israel.  The aim had been to learn as much about ancient Greek culture and history as possible, while at the same time understanding the country’s modern history. We learned about Nadia on the internet, and after exchanging several emails with her, we realized that she is the perfect fit for us. She custom-created an itinerary that included the Acropolis Museum, the Acropolis itself, the ancient Agora, and a tour through the various quarters of Athens that included Roman, Byzantine, Neoclassical sites and even some modern street art. For eight hours Nadia supplied us with an endless stream of information, while mastering every single one of our tough questions effortlessly. It was a real joy to see this fellow professional Tour Guide do such an amazing job, and we unanimously decided that nobody could have done a better job than Nadia. We can therefore only recommend Nadia as the Tour Guide of choice for Athens and we will emphasize that if you haven’t been guided in Athens by Nadia, you have not seen the real Athens!


Ofer Moghadam, Mevaseret Zion, Jerusalem, Israel


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