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''Thank you for an amazing tour! My family will remember the tour of the Acropolis forever. You not only shared amazing stories, putting them in context, connecting your comments from one site to the other, but you made the visit so much easier. You knew where to stop, get water, find the shade, etc Watching other tourists, I felt that we got so much more out of the tour: you were so organized and well prepared, I can't even imagine we could have considered visiting the site without you. I will also note that your comments were perfect for both kids and adults; I really appreciated how fun you were with the kids, while very patient with our little one...Thank you again for a very special experience!''
Cecile Chalifour, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
"Nadia's tour was delightful. We chose to have her guide us through the Ancient Agora and museum ending with a tour of the Plaka neighborhood. It was a wonderful tour and Nadia is a fantastic guide. She really made the Agora come alive with a wonderful and detailed explanation of how Ancient Greek Democracy really worked.
The tour of he Plaka neighborhood was exactly what we needed to feel oriented in Athens. We returned the very next day to explore further. Personable, knowledgeable, warm and professional, Nadia is the best!"

Melissa Apel, Potomac, Maryland, U.S.A.

“We got to know Nadia Pavlikaki in the spring of 2016, when we spent 10 days in Athens and the Peloponnese. A friend recommended her as an outstanding guide in Athens. And indeed, her academic background in archaeology and art history predestines her to provide in-depth information on all things Athenian. She is also an instructor and has experience designing educational programs for children. Both her academic and pedagogical skills shone when she took us on a tour of the Acropolis and its Museum, which covered in detail ancient Greek history, architecture, art and society. Our 12-year old daughter normally tunes out after 90 minutes of touring buildings and artifacts, but she paid full attention during the 5 (!) hours that Nadia devoted to us. We had booked a tour for 3 hours, but Nadia wanted to make sure that we had proper guidance and information in the Acropolis Museum as well. We recommend her highly--for her expertise, her passion, her friendliness, and her capacity to make complex information accessible to all age groups.”

Stefan Gunther and Lisa Goldberg, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
"Our guide Nadia Pavlikaki could not have been more knowledgeable, considerate, interactive, and charming. She adjusted the tour to my wife and my different tastes, and her extensive knowledge in archaeology and art history gave her the skill to answer all our questions. She was simply amazing at bringing ancient Athens to life!"

Ed and Joyce Conant, Georgia, U.S.A.

“Nadia is very considerate of her small group and led us on a comfortable walk through the historic Acropolis and into the museum. Her English is excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute as she answered our questions and gave wonderful explanations of Athens and Greek history. Nadia is fully licensed and her wealth of knowledge is amazing. We were at the sites before the crowds and our tour was timed to leave as the site was getting overwhelmed with people. We've done large bus tours before and this is the way to go. For almost the same price, you get a private tour and leave with a much better understanding of what you are seeing. I strongly recommend a tour with Nadia.”

24Vacation, Sarnia, Canada TripAdvisor

“We took the Mythological tour through Athens' most important historical sights, and it was one of the highlights of our 10 day Greece trip. Our guide Nadia was amazing. Her narrative was engaging, and she made sure everything we saw came alive. Going through these sites without her storytelling would not have been even 5% as much fun.”
Niraj Ranjan Rout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India TripAdvisor
“Easily the highlight of our Athens adventure. Nadia was amazing! She really knew her geography, history and mythology, weaving all three together to give us an understanding of what Athens was about and what the Acropolis has meant to Athens. A healthy walk, we visited key sites as she explained their significance and how each played a part in history. My wife and I left the tour very happy to have met Nadia and appreciative of her passion for sharing. We absolutely recommend this tour!”
Marlon Familton, Washington D.C., U.S.A TripAdvisor
"Nadia was amazing. We ended a spectacular 10 day tour of Europe with Athens. In every city, we secured out own guides instead of using the cruise excursions because of the more intimate group size and usually a superior guide experience. Each of our guides was good, but Nadia was far and away the best from our trip. Her knowledge of the history and architecture of Greece was exceptional. She completely customized our tour based on interests we discussed before we left for our trip. Nadia has an incredible ability to frame the events and stories she shared with us in the context of that moment in history. She presents the stories and that context in a simple, easily understood, and interesting way. Nadia’s presence and personality is warm and welcoming, and she made our time in Athens a highpoint of our trip."

Brian McLaren, Washington D.C., U.S.A.


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