Each guided tour I offer is unique, adjusted to your interests and desires, as well as any other personal considerations. Tours can be adapted to meet your requirements, offering a range of themes, options, locations and duration, so as to satisfy the varying needs of a traveler.

I usually work with small groups (2-12 persons), thus enabling the visitors to experience an in-depth guide and more intimate look at the culture. 

My priority is to meet -and exceed- visitors’ expectations, by offering an interactive, lively and positive experience, that will be enjoyed and remembered for years to follow.

Most of my tours are walking tours, however those that involve longer distances where a vehicle is required, transfer is not a problem! I collaborate frequently with professional and excellent drivers who will cater to the group’s needs.


  • icon 1aFor a traveller with a customary level of interest, my tours provide adequate information for both ancient monuments and the modern city; this way, the visitors acquire knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant way, without feeling overwhelmed.
  • icon 3bFor enthusiasts or groups with special interests (e.g. students, professors, or just history buffs) I provide a plethora and deeper exposure to information in an educational way, so as to satisfy all those keen to learn as much as possible! 
  • icon 2aFor families, I am focused on the children, and appropriately modify   tours to their needs and cognitive levels; according to their age and interests (e.g., mythology) I specialize in enriching the tour with educational and fun activities, so as to keep them eager.

Wherever you fall within the traveler range… you will not be disappointed!

*Tips on places to go for dinner/shopping, or any kind of additional information that a visitor may need in my city, are always gladly provided. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

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