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Today we had the distinct pleasure and privilege of being guided through the Acropolis Museum and Acropolis by Nadia Pavlikaki. Nadia demonstrated and displayed a passion for history, archaeology and the people of Greece and this was evident through the lessons in history that she shared with us. Nadia provided us with a small private group tour which was informative, rich is history and painted the perfect canvas for what was the history of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece and its people. This tour was truly one of the best tours we’ve ever taken. Nadia was warm, friendly, engaging and a wealth of knowledge. This Acropolis Museum and Acropolis tour has certainly exceeded all expectations and we highly recommended Nadia if you’re in Athens looking to tour. Warmest regards, 


Giselle, Mark, Christiaan & Tony Ermer - Sydney, Australia, 25 May 2019


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